Monday, 12 March 2007

Sunshine, Emily & Norma

We've had more glorious sunshine today, so much so that I sat outside and ate my lunch. What a pleasure, it feels like Spring really may be here! The DJ on Radio Mercury went out on a limb this morning and told listeners it was time to put away the jeans and trousers because it's going to be shorts and t-shirt weather from now to October. That's quite a statement, if it were to prove true I'd be very happy!!!
I haven't taken any photos today but I was playing around with a photo of Emily after reading through a Photoshop Friday post that I'd printed off. This was the end result - the photo has been tilted and converted to black and white

I have also received a couple of photos from my sister Norma, who lives in South Africa. Now that she's found out how to send them I'm looking forward to seeing photos on a more regular basis. The first one is of Norma and her husband, Chesley.

This next photo includes their two younger sons, Ciaran and Caelen (Kyle, the eldest, lives in the UK). We haven't seen any photos of Caelen for a little while and he certainly got Claire and Faith talking. I think they decided that he's probably playing the field and breaking a few hearts along the way ;o) (Caelen is back right in the photo)

Caelen if this is not the case, please feel free to correct your cousins - lol!

Have a good evening