Friday, 12 April 2013

Claire's birthday

Of our three children, Claire has always been the one who loves her birthday - no matter how old she is.  The excitement starts weeks in advance and builds up to the day itself - with regular reminders along the way of how long it is till her birthday and a countdown for the last 10 days or so.  

Tuesday was Claire's birthday! We started the day off quite early with breakfast at Wetherspoons in town.  The last time Emily and I went for breakfast Claire had commented that she also wanted to go for breakfast, so it seemed like a good way to start her day.

By the time we got back to our house I think both Alice and Claire were more than ready to get the present opening started.  If Claire thought she'd get to open her presents herself, she should have known better ;o)  
I know a hoover/vacuum cleaner doesn't seem like a very exciting present but I'm happy to say Claire did like it! She'd been wanting a new cleaner since she moved into her new house so I knew it would come in handy if nothing else.
As it was, a couple of days before when we were talking to Alice about it being Mummy's birthday soon and she'd be opening her presents, Alice had piped up and said "And I'll be opening my presents too!!"  Oops!  Needless to say Grandma then went out to get Alice a present so she'd have something to open.  Alice's present was also a hoover - the same as Mummy's but miniature.  She doesn't like hoovers and I was hoping this would make it seem more fun but I'm not sure that it's worked.
Claire also got Photoshop Elements 11 because her trial version had run out and she'd got used to using it. Seeing as she's been doing Project Life this year I know it'll be something she'll use.  

Caught this one of Claire and Alice as they sat in the bay windown - hence the blown out background.
 Megan couldn't be left out so she also got a little present on Mummy's birthday but in this shot you'd think Mummy was enjoying it more (lol)
 It fell to Emily to bring the birthday cake in this year.  Megan was quite fascinated with the candles.
 Uncle Hugh had to pick Alice up to let her help with blowing out the candles
 and because blowing them out once is never enough, we had to light them again! (I love the expression on Megan's face in this one!) 
The balloon is a big hit with the little ones.  We weren't sure if Megan could see her reflection in it but she lay looking at the balloon for ages.

Megan is certainly a Mummy's girl and Claire gets lots of smiles and chuckles from her. We are so proud of Claire and the way she's bringing up her two little girls. They are absolutely delightful and such a credit to her. They're very lucky to have her as their Mummy :)