Saturday, 16 January 2010

The snow is nearly gone :)

More rain again today and the snow is nearly gone! This afternoon Emily and I both looked outside and saw the snow had nearly disappeared and said "Good! Now it's time for the rain to stop!" :) You just can't please us, can you! If they've got the weather right for tomorrow I look forward to a sunny day! The last of Emily's snow cat on the table and you can see a couple of white patches on the pebbles.
This morning I met up with my friend Pam and we went to Caffe Nero for coffee. We met at 10am and I think I got home around 1.30pm - we had a LOT of catching up to do :) What a pleasant way to spend a Saturday morning!!
When I got home I got some happy mail, the next season of ER :) and some more yellow ink for my computer and my next lot of contact lenses. Happy mail indeed!!
Other than that, things are quiet. We bought the weekend sweets from Wickendens (Jane, did Lloyd ever go to Wickendens on his way through East Grinstead?) and will be watching Take Me Out on TV tonight (then maybe some ER??). I've wasted time on the computer this afternoon and haven't done any decluttering today. Still thinking about where to tackle next - might see what I can clear out of the lounge. I recently found this blog from this one and have been enjoying going through her posts and seeing her house - wouldn't it be lovely to live somewhere so organised!! Everything has a place and is in that place - bliss! I don't know that it's likely to work in our house anytime soon though :( haha!!
Jon is busy making me an omlette at the moment so I'm going to end off and go and relax for the evening.
Enjoy your weekend