Monday, 30 July 2007

We're going to Scotland!!

Things have happened fast over the past weekend and the "children" and I are now going to Scotland on Friday! Iain and Louise asked us if we'd like to go and spend a week in Ayr with them at the caravan park we went to two years ago. Great excitement in the household as plans are being made at short notice!

I am driving up in Louise's car (which is bigger and more powerful than mine) on Friday and we'll be back again the following weekend Saturday or Sunday. According to the AA directions it should take approx. 7 hours and 53 minutes but I'll be really happy if we make it there within 9 hours - allowing for traffic and rest breaks. I've never driven to Scotland before so it's a whole new experience for me too ;) - can we call this a "road trip"?
We went round to discuss details on Saturday and somehow one thing led to another and a water bomb fight ensued. I leave you with pictures of the battle in action ...

and then all tired out .......

More information as and when.

Take care xx