Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lazy days

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, Claire's boiler wasn't working and with the weather being as cold as it has been we decided it was best that she and the girls come and stay with us until her boiler is sorted. They arrived on Sunday evening and stayed until yesterday morning when Claire needed to go home again because the gas people were due to fix it.

Below are a few photos of what our days were like while they were here ;o)

 Claire working on her Project Life album with Megan watching her and Mac close by.
 Alice playing before breakfast (again with Mac close by)
 Emily had a snow day on Monday and here Alice is showing her one of the pictures she'd drawn.
 We had sleeping children (love her little hands in this photo)
Once Megan is asleep you can generally hand her over to someone else if you need to do something or pop her down wherever is handy and she carries on sleeping ;o)
Alice was extremely busy while she was here - she played, drew, read books, watched Netflix and just generally had a good time. I love that both the girls are so comfortable when they come here and we all just slot together and get on with things.

Things are getting back to normal, Emily is writing exams on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week. Hugh has managed to get to the gym and will be back at work tomorrow. Mum and I are able to get to the hospital to visit Dad (and yesterday heard that he should be coming home again soon) and life continues.

I'm now off to Claire's to drop off the few bits that were left behind and have some cuddles with my granddaughters :)