Monday, 26 March 2007

It's a dogs life....

Today we are having beautiful weather. It's even fairly warm!! You know the old saying It's a dog's life! Well, I think Wallace thinks so too ...
Making the most of the sunshine - might as well have a snooze!

Did I hear something? My eyes are too heavy to open!

I'll just watch - too relaxed to run around.
Cloud on the other hand had plenty of energy and didn't want to sit still for a photo

and Charlie wondered which dog he could attack next

A couple of photos of the garden - just because I could! Have to make the most of the sunshine while we have it.

I love it when the sun comes out again and it begins to feel like Spring. Unfortunately, I thought that about two weeks ago and then we had snow again! I'm not going to take anything for granted this time but will just enjoy it each day it comes. Here's to many more sunny days.

Enjoy the rest of your day


PS To those of you who have asked about leaving a comment on the blog, I have changed the settings on the comment page and you can now click on Other and leave your name and comment. Look forward to hearing from you!!