Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Little Bluetits

The little Bluetits don't seem to mind the snow at all. We've had a few in the tree outside our window. I didn't know if I'd be able to catch them but got lucky :)
The trees are so heavy with snow at the moment, you wonder how the branches are holding it all. A couple of the trees have dumped a load of snow but others are still holding up. It's still snowing

More snow photos :)

The text came through at 6.30am to let us know that Emily's school is closed today and likely to be closed tomorrow. I got another hours sleep and then got up ready to face the day. There was no way I would be driving anywhere today so I went and got the wellies out the garage for Claire. I then decided to get mine out as well and go for a little walk. Emily said she'd come too. I don't think we've had this much snow in the 19 years we've been back in the UK, so for us it's quite a novelty!
The end of our road Looking back at our house
Craig and Claire leaving for work (Craig had stayed over last night)
Looking down the main road - the only cars coming up it this morning were 4x4s. Someone had already built a snowman at the bottom :)
Walking up to Forest Way
It is so pretty when it snows. This walk goes from East Grinstead to Forest Row
Looking through to the fields
On the way back Emily offered to shake a tree lol!!
Not sure how much she enjoyed it ;o)
The gate shows where the main road is.
The postbox at the end of our road and looking down the hill
I must admit, I was quite happy to get home again and in to the warmth (after having a few snowballs thrown at my by my darling daughter!!). Now to have a late breakfast.