Monday, 5 October 2009

Random post

There hasn't been a lot going on here which is why we're having a random post. After the excitement of September birthdays we have settled down a bit until the end of October when the next birthdays hit. Emily had braces fitted on Friday and has been suffering a bit since then. Her teeth are still very sore and she's been getting horrible headaches as well. Two of the brackets on her teeth have come loose and what we think is a back bracket has come off altogether. I'm not too impressed at the moment! Claire had her braces fitted at the same place and we didn't have any problems throughout her whole treatment so I'm hoping this is a one off and once we get it sorted things will settle down. Poor Emily has been living on Tomato Soup - though we have found she can also eat sandwiches with grated cheese, crusts cut off and sandwich cut into little bite size pieces. I'm hoping she'll be feeling a bit more comfortable tomorrow. This past weekend was, therefore, quite quiet. We did spend Saturday night catching up on recorded TV programmes and watching X Factor. Sunday we watched the second part of X Factor followed by Doc Marting (which we really enjoy). Today (because most people know the British like talking about the weather ;o) ) I can't believe how wet it's been! I know we're in Autumn now but the last week or so has been quite mild with some really lovely sunshine. Today was a totally different kettle of fish, it's been cold and my feet have been freezing (anyone who knows me knows how awful my circulation is!). I was playing with my cameras today and ended up taking a few photos of our wet back garden ;o)
Drooping fuschia and strawberry plants Wet bench
Dripping table
Do you get the picture??
Even Cloud's fed up
But we still love our home
Some of what I've been doing
and these orchids have been flowering for months now and I love them
The newest branch of flowers
Hope you're not too washed out, wherever you are :o)