Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A quieter time

Since Christmas things have been much quieter around here. On Boxing Day we stayed at home, caught up on a few things that needed to be done and generally relaxed. The weekend just disappeared and before I knew it it was Monday again. Mum and I did our shopping and had a coffee at Starbucks (where I embarrassed myself by knocking my coffee into the rubbish bin and spraying milk all over the place :os - fortunately they know us quite well and I don't usually do things like that ;o) They were very sweet about it, cleared up after me and gave me another coffee without charging me!) The rest of the day was spent unpacking, cooking and doing some much needed housework. Yesterday saw me doing at least 4 hours worth of ironing :o( - I couldn't believe I had left it so long! A huge thank you to Ruth, who had sent me the first series of ER a while ago as I'd never seen a single episode. I started watching it yesterday while ironing and then didn't want to stop watching! I'm thoroughly enjoying the programme and look forward to watching a few more episodes in the next couple of days.
This afternoon we've had a visit from my nephew, Kyle and his girlfriend, Emma. Kyle is my sister Norma's eldest son and seeing as she lives in South Africa, I know she'll enjoy seeing a photo of Kyle and Emma. We had a lovely time catching up (and eating some of the biscuits/shortbread/sweets that Jon's Dad sent down to us for Christmas!) and this year we'll have to make sure we see more of them.
Kyle and Emma
My Mum and Dad were also here this afternoon but the colour in the photos I took of them isn't right and gives Mum rather brassy blonde hair rather than her natural colour so I thought I'd better not post them.
I took a few photos of Emily (because I could). I told her we'd use them as her "before" haircuts tonight photos I like this photo
And this one, she tells me, is what a true "before" haircuts photo should look like ;o)
And just to show I have actually be working on some of my JYC pages and should hopefully be able to post them in the next couple of days - a photo of my desk this afternoon.
I'm still playing around with Photoshop Elements 8 and getting used to it. I have just received Photoshop Elements 8 for Windows: The Missing Manual by Barbara Brundage and am hoping this might answer some of the questions I still haven't worked out myself.
I'm now off to get ready to pick up Claire from work and shoot over to our hairdressers to have a trim. Are you also taking things easier now or are you now gearing up for New Year's Eve? We don't have any plans for NYE and I'm quite happy to stay home and watch movies with Emily. I think Hugh and Claire will be out with their respective partners and I have a feeling Jon may last to the SA New Year - which is 10pm our time - then head off to bed! ;o)