Wednesday, 22 February 2012


This morning, when I picked Claire and Alice up, Claire warned me that Alice had been awake since 5am and was likely to go down for her sleep earlier today.  She made it to just before 10am and then climbed on my lap with her dummy and blanket and was soon fast asleep.  I have a travel cot in what used to be Claire's room and that's where Alice goes down for her sleep during the day.



It was great to get a chance to chat to Deb on Skype yesterday afternoon and I had meant to take a photo for my photo a day - but we were so busy chatting I forgot all about it. 
However, as it was Shrove Tuesday, we made pancakes for dinner last night and I remembered to take a photo of them.  I like my pancakes with lemon juice and cinnamon sugar - what do you like with yours?