Monday, 7 January 2013

Photo update

Life is pretty  hectic here at the moment.  Dad is back in hospital and has been since the 23 December 2012. He was taken in after a night of severe vomiting and after tests and scans ended up having to have an operation to remove part of his small bowel.  He has recovered well from the operation but went through a stage of extreme confusion/hallucinating which was quite upsetting. Fortunately, for the last couple of days he has been himself again but we are now facing the prospect of him having to be moved to a rehab unit at a different hospital. I'm fighting to try and get him moved closer to home or back to the rehab unit at the hospital he was in after having his stroke. There he would know the people and hospital and it would be less traumatic for him. Just hoping we can arrange it.

Claire is over the baby blues and, apart from being tired, is back to normal.  Alice has adapted to Megan being here without any problems and is very good with her.  I know the photos are a little bit blurred but they are so sweet.  In the one above she was talking to Megan and in the one below she had wanted to hold her (Claire is sitting to the left of the photo and was holding Megan too). 

 Megan is a very content baby and, as you'll see from these photos, sleeps a lot and tends to only cry when she is hungry.
 Aunty Em is totally smitten with her and is more than happy to sit and hold her (or rock her) when Claire and the girls come round to the house.
 Alice decided some lip balm was required - everywhere apart from on the mouth ;o)
 I love this photo of Claire and Megan

 Uncle Hugh having his first hold.
 I've been going round to Claire's most days (or she's come here) and on this particular day Alice and I were building a tower with her Duplo. I think she was quite impressed that it was so much taller than she was.

 Alice has given up a few of her day time naps since Megan has been born.  ON this occasion she was having quiet time and watching a DVD.  Cinderella and Tangled (Rapunzel) are her favourites at the moment and she can now sing along to some of the songs, which is very cute!  Fortunately both DVDs are ones the older members of the family enjoy as well.
 Megan has now outgrown the newborn size clothes and is in 0 - 3 months.  Unfortunately, they are all quite large on her at the moment so she does tend to swim in them a bit.
 Yesterday Alice wanted to do some puzzles. This meant she took all the puzzle pieces out and played with them and hadn't quite got round to putting them back in the boards by the time I left ;o)
And Megan slept through it all :o)  She sleeps through all the noise Alice might make and isn't sleeping too badly at night either.  Thank goodness for happy babies.

Emily is back at school from tomorrow and writes a GCSE exam on Thursday. My plan is to start the coursework I need to do from tomorrow as I need to complete 4 modules by April.  Wish me luck!