Monday, 19 March 2007

A new week ...

We gained a couple of extra "children" for dinner last night. I managed to get one photo before they refused to co-operate.
Claire, Chris, Emily, Faith and Hugh
Well, they said snow on Monday and they were right!!! Woke up this morning to a sprinkling of snow on the ground and cars. It didn't settle for long so it was just as well I took a couple of photos before it melted.

I had good intentions of doing all my ironing after shopping at Sainsburys this morning but ... it didn't happen. I went into Emily's room to vacuum up some fish food that had been spilt and then ended up cleaning out the hamster cage and finally tidied up the rest of her room too. That was the morning gone and ironing was forgotten.

After lunch I made a start on dinner before taking Chris to the station to get his train up to London. I then went to pick up Emily after Street Dance only to find out I had been supposed to go to a Parent's Consultation with her teacher. We waited for a short while and Mrs Rispin was able to slot me in when a parent didn't turn up. Emily is doing really well and Mrs Rispin had nothing but good to say about her. That's the way we like it =o)

Enjoy the rest of your day