Monday, 6 April 2009

What a difference!

I know, two posts in one day is virtually unheard of for me but I had to share these photos :) As most people who read my blog will know, Emily is my youngest child.
Emily, Faith and Claire - photo taken last month
Well, tonight Emily and I went to have our hair cut and before we left, Emily was trying to decide whether to have hers cut short or not. She found some photos of a hairstyle she liked and took them along. After chatting to Mary, she decided that she would go ahead and have it cut short.
Unfortunately, I didn't think to take photos until Mary had got to this stage This is how much was cut off and .... .............................. .............................. ..............................
Isn't she stunning!

She's gone!

Claire has just left the house with her friends, Sam and Iain, and is on her way to Gatwick Airport! They are off to Dublin for a few days - how wonderful to be young and carefree. I'm so proud of her, she knew she wanted to do something with her week off work and has more or less organised this trip (though I know the boys have had input as well). We've had a couple of last minute hiccups when I realised she didn't have a padlock to lock her case or a luggage label. I've made a label and she's going to pick up a padlock at the airport. Now they're on their way and I hope they have a fantastic time. If I'm honest, I'm quite envious! I travelled when I came over the the UK in 1984 from South Africa and I LOVED IT!!! I'm so glad Claire's doing the same and hopefully she'll take loads of photos to remember her travels.
Claire, Sam and Iain Getting a lift to the airport with Iain's dad.
They're back late on Wednesday - in time for Claire's 19th birthday on Thursday - and hopefully she'll update her blog with photos.
Off to town with Emily now, have a lovely day (we've got sunshine again - yippee!!)
UPDATE: Have just had a text to say they have arrived safely in Dublin and it's raining! She shouldn't really be too surprised ;)