Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas photos

It's been a while since I last posted and, if I'm honest, things have been a bit more hectic round here than we're used to ;o).  Christmas has come and gone and I'm about ready to take down the decorations, get everyone back to work and try and get back into some sort of routine. 
 As you can imagine, Alice was a very big part of our Christmas this year. You may remember this little outfit which was bought before she was born  - she did get to wear it on Christmas morning :o) .
 Like last year, we were happy to have Hugh's girlfriend, Sarah, with us on Christmas Eve and to open presents early on Christmas morning. I can only imagine she doesn't mind the early morning wake up call from Emily, otherwise she wouldn't have come to stay again this year!
Claire, Craig, Sarah and Hugh
 Emily had been awake since 2.15am but was very good and didn't wake the others until 5.30am. I think we started opening presents around 6.30am.

Emily was very happy to receive a Kindle this year. 
And an Owl City hoodie (one of her favourite bands) which I thought would be way too big but actually looks nice and comfy!
 Family photo of Alice's first Christmas
 Can you believe she will be 6 weeks old tomorrow!!
And finally, a photo of Great Grandma and Alice, taken on Boxing Day.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that 2011 will be a good year for all!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

December Daily (Catch Up)

Day 19

The second page shows some of the ornaments, collected over the years,  that come out year after year. 
Top left is the exception to that statement as it's Alice's first ornament; Top right: material hearts I made a number of years ago; Middle row: glass ornaments bought at the same time; Bottom Left: little Bichon Frise ornament my Mum bought when we got our Bichons. Bottom right: a little wooden ornament I bought in Denmark in 1984.

Day 18

Clockwise from top left: Emily holding her Advent calendar chocolate for the day; Presents starting to get wrapped and the bottom two show the difference in the height of the snow in a one hour period.

Day 17

Day 17's photos are of Alice because I couldn't find a cuter subject ;)

Day 16
Day 15

Clockwise from Top Left: Brighton sea front; Mary and Alice; Brighton sea front in the opposite direction; Jon feeds Alice; Emily and Mary's cat, Roxy.

Day 14

Clockwise from Top Left: Hugh holding Alice; ditto; Emily still off school; Alice in her (very) pink chair; some of Claire's wrapped presents.

Whew! Now to keep up for the next week and I'll be very happy!
Hope you've had a great weekend.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

A few photos

We had some snow fall yesterday and this morning had a thin layer on the ground. However, it's since continued to snow and these photos were taken around 10.30am.

I took another photo around 11.30am but haven't had a chance to upload it yet, it's enough to say there is probably another 2 - 3 inches on top of what you see here!
This was taken yesterday afternoon after we got home from doing some Christmas shopping :)
 And these next two are what we often see when we go to check she's still asleep in her crib! Let's just say Alice isn't that keen on sleeping at the moment and tends to fight it as long as possible!

 Grandpa's turn to give her a bottle
 And Aunty Em finally got a turn to feed her too. She'd been off school for nearly two weeks with a horrible cold, cough and sore throat but finally went back to school on Thursday. While she wasn't well she was keeping away from Alice but she can now finally hold her again :)
When a bath was needed in a hurry, the kitchen sink seemed as good a choice as any ;) and Alice didn't seem to mind!
On Wednesday afternoon we went round to Mary's for haircuts. Roxy loves Emily :) and is happy to lie on her lap.
Mary finally got to meet Alice. She had been going to come and visit the week after Alice was born and then we had all the snow.

I now need to go and start wrapping some presents and I've still got a few days worth of December Daily to catch up on so I guess I should go and get a move on.
Have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

December Daily Day 13

Tried to update the blog last night but Blogger wasn't uploading photos. I've now posted Day 11, 12 and 13 and am up to date :)
 Journalling reads: Claire, Alice, Mum and I went to do the Sainsburys shop this morning. We bumped into Kay, Theresa and Alyssa and arranged to have a coffee when we'd finished. Alyssa was very cute today and quite fascinated with Alice. I wonder what the two of them will get up to when they're a bit older. Cloud came back from the dog parlour nice and clean. Claire made dinner - Carbonara - yum!
Clockwise from top left: Mum and Kay at Starbucks; Alice slept through until we were nearly ready to leave and then woke for a feed (I never realised they're not allowed to let you have hot water for babies bottles!); Liz and Bob at the dog parlour; Alyssa :)

December Daily Day 12

Clockwise from top left:  Jon giving Emily some encouragement while she assembles the Christmas tree; Emily opening out the branches; Alice Rose with Mummy after her feed; fast asleep :) 

December Daily Day 11

 Journalling reads:  Claire decided to have a PJ day today, with the exception of putting on a hoody when Rachele came to visit. Emily still wasn't feeling wonderful and spent most of the day in her room. I uploaded photos to Facebook and had my first mince pie of the year, with my tea in the afternoon. Helped Iain with a Corporate function at the Felbridge Hotel, didn't get home till nearly midnight.
Clockwise from top left:  Emily on the sofa (reading :) ); Iain's set up at the Felbridge; Rachele and Claire; tea and mince pie; uploading photos on Facebook.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

December Daily Day 10

A quiet December day with a bit of shopping thrown in and meeting a friend for coffee.  :)


Friday, 10 December 2010

December Daily Day 9

The Santa photo is quite blurred but I decided to use it anyway. I think you're okay to read the journalling again in this one.
Clockwise from top left:  The rubbish truck finally arrived to collect our landfill rubbish; Alice wearing a little outfit given to her by Great Grandma, for the first time; our new slim tree; working on my December Daily pages.


Thursday, 9 December 2010

December Daily Day 8

Top L-R: Alice with Daddy; my orchid is flowering again!
Middle L-R: my red and green M&Ms on my bookcase in the "craft rooom"; Emily (starting to feel a bit better)
Bottom L-R: Alice's birth certificate :); shopping online :)

Another quiet day at home but I did start with some Christmas present organising/buying :)  We were supposed to be going for coffee this morning but I have parcels that should be delivered and no one else is home so I think I'll be home again today - perhaps I should think about making tags and wrapping some of the presents.


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

December Daily Day 7

I know my December Daily isn't terribly Christmas-y at t he moment - we don't normally put the tree up or decorate until 12 days before Christmas. So, in the meantime, I'm using it as a means of just recording our every day life.
Journalling is clear enough for you to read this time so I won't type it out again ;-)
Clockwise from top left:  Hugh (wearing the beanie) and Max clearing snow; Alice holding Mummy's finger; Alice with Daddy and Mummy; Uncle Hugh fed Alice for the first time.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

December Daily Day 6

I'd like to start by saying welcome to the ladies coming to my blog from Ali's December Daily. For those of you new to my blog I feel I need to clear one thing up ;-), Alice Rose is my beautiful granddaughter (not my daughter) but my daughter and her partner are living with us so I have lots of opportunity to take photos :-).  I wish I could accept the "supermum" title as Robyn called me, in one of the comments, but I don't think that would be fair ;-).  We are so enjoying having Claire, Craig and Alice staying with us and I'm sure this Christmas is going to be very special.
 Journalling reads:  Jon had to take my car in to work so we didn't go shopping. In the morning the health visitor came to do Alice's hearing check and in the afternoon the British Gas man managed to get here to fix the thermostat. I managed to catch up on some Holiday Joy video tutorials too.
Clockwise from top left: Alice asleep in her crib; Claire catching up on some blog reading/tv; my computer with the Holiday Joy tutorial on the screen; snow starting to disappear; left over goulash from Sunday which I had for dinner (thanks Mel, it was delicious and definitely one I'm adding to my recipe collection!)

Thank you also to Ruth for letting me know that one of my layouts was used in Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas prompt for today. So exciting!! I've never had one of my layouts used before - thanks for giving me the heads up, Ruth! 

Now to go and finish making the lasagne for dinner tonight

Monday, 6 December 2010

December Daily Day 4 & 5

Just a quick post tonight before I head to bed. Days 4 and 5 complete and photos taken for today :)