Thursday, 7 October 2010

5 1/2 weeks ...

Yes, 5 1/2 weeks is all that's left till Claire's due date! I have a few bits of baby cuteness to show you :) today.
First of all, THANK YOU to Deb of Paper Turtle who sent Little Baby Alice Rose one of her cute little birds :D, isn't it beautiful!  At the moment it's hanging on Alice's little wardrobe but once Claire and Craig get their own place it'll be going in her nursery.  Deb, this was so sweet of you and Claire was delighted when it arrived so Thank You again :o) 
 Next up is this cute little Baby on Board teddy who will likely be hanging in Craig's car :o).
 And finally, her "My First Christmas" sleepsuit.  Claire reckons this is what Alice will probably wear on Christmas morning for present opening before she's changed into a Christmas dress for the day :o).
 Did you notice the little feet?   How cute are they!!!