Thursday, 27 May 2010

Birthday post

I had a fantastic birthday yesterday - so much so, I didn't get round to doing a blog post! My morning started out with Emily getting her own back on me as she took lots of photos of me opening presents ;o)
Emily had made her own birthday card to give me which included the appropriate number of kisses - one for each year of my age ;o) (no numbers given lol!)
Bournville chocolate
Wearing a scarf given to me by my friend Helena.
I had arranged to meet up with my friend Alison for a coffee - we always have a good laugh when we get together and it felt like it'd been ages since we'd last caught up. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my birthday morning - thanks Ali! In the brief lull between getting home and family arriving for tea and cakes in the afternoon, Hugh suggested I download "Words with Friends" on my iPhone so we could play against each other. He was beating me all the way through until I finished all my letters first and won the game ☺ Don't think he was too impressed, lol! Next up, some flowers arrived from Jon. I did have to smile when I opened the door, he has learnt to order me flowers in a vase (haha!). Over the years Jon has sent me bouquets of flowers and most times I have taken them back to the florists and asked them to arrange them in a vase for me because I am hopeless at flower arranging ;o) - hence Jon has now learnt and my flowers came arranged for me! My sister in law, Debbie brought me some beautiful yellow roses (those I can arrange because I have the idea vase for them!). I also got another two lots of flowers and the lounge looks wonderful! Family arrived for tea and cake and because I'd done my baking the day before it was easy to just make the tea and coffee and serve. Above are Mum, my brother Iain and Dad.
My niece, Faith and sister in law, Louise.
Theresa came with Tyler and Alyssa but Tyler slept through the whole thing. Alyssa on the other hand was quite wide awake and I even got a few chuckles from her. She's growing up so quickly!
It's become a bit of a tradition that we go out for dinner when it's someones birthday. Last night was no exception and we went to The Wing Wah for a Chinese meal. I love going out as a family and the "children" are now old enough that we can have a laugh and enjoy each others company.
Claire and Craig
Hugh and Sarah
Me ;o)
And finally, a cake given to me by another friend, Myung San.
What a great way to spend my birthday. Only another year to go and then we can do it all over again ;o) and I'll be a Grandma too!