Friday, 4 July 2008

Induction Day

Today Emily had her induction day at Sackville School. This is preparing them for going into Sackville in September. I can't believe she is leaving Primary School and moving up to Senior School! This is the final stretch of school days for us as Emily is our "baby". She had a good day and got to meet her new classmates. Three of her friends from Primary School are in the same class as her which makes the move a bit easier. They took part in four lessons today - History, which is Emily's favourite subject, ICT, French and Science. Two and a half weeks till summer holidays and then Sackville here she comes.

I am a happy bunny again as I got my new printer today. A tub of paper clips fell on top of my old computer and some went inside the machine. We think a couple got jammed in the cogs and after a fair amount of effort to get them out, without any success, Jon decided we should call it a day and order a new one. I've gone for another Canon as I was very happy with my last one but this time have the Pixma iP 4500 as the iP 5000 is no longer produced. I've done a few trial prints and all is well.

Happy 4th of July to all in America.

Have a good weekend - we have Monday off as well as Emily has an inset day! Yippee :)