Friday, 17 September 2010

Quick update

The last few days have been fairly busy, but good!
Wednesday was spent doing more housework - I'm working my way through the house slowly but surely. Wednesday saw me helping Claire and Craig sort out their room so that they've got room for the baby's Moses basket and just generally putting away baby things. Thursday morning was my fortnightly "meet up for coffee" morning. We go to Neros, get there between 9 and 9.30am and have been known to still be there around mid day ;o). This week I left closer to 11am as I had things to do still. Always good to catch up with friends though.
I worked a bit more on the baby quilt in the afternoon but I'm not happy with the way it's going at the moment. I'll have a go at fixing it but if I'm still not happy I can see I'll be doing another one!
This morning I met up with another friend and we went to Wych Cross Garden Centre. They do a wide range of plants but roses are their speciality. They still had a lot in bloom and I could happily wander around looking at them and smelling their perfume. The picture above shows the view from the verandah of the coffee shop (with roses in the foreground) Yet more roses, looking in the other direction. As you can see, we were lucky enough to have blue sky and sunshine today - it was so nice to be able to sit outside for our tea and scones (and yes I did count them in my daily points ;o) )
Our tea tray :o)
This afternoon I've been busy uploading photos to Photobox but it's taken me a bit longer than I expected. I'm glad to say they're now all uploaded and I can carry on with what I need to do.
I think we've got a quiet-ish weekend this week but that could change at the drop of a hat. Let's see how it goes!
PS> To all my blog friends, I haven't had a chance to read or comment on blogs for the last couple of days but hopefully that's something I will get to do this weekend :o)