Monday, 4 January 2010

Keeping it brief

I'm keeping this post brief tonight because my computer keeps freezing on me and I'm getting fed up. I need to run a scan and check for anything that needs fixing but want to get this posted first.
Today was Emily's first day back at school, which meant early wake up :o( I knew it wasn't going to be easy getting back into the swing of it and I'm fine while I keep busy but as soon as I sit down, it hits me and I don't want to get up again. I've spent too long on the computer this afternoon and not got half the things I wanted to done.
This was what we woke up to this morning. Emily had been hoping for snow but she needed more than this to get a snow day off school. From what they're saying, the weather isn't likely to improve much over the next week or so. I've been watching the temperature today and according to the Google homepage, East Grinstead hasn't got above 0C today and a few minutes ago it was showing it had dropped to -3C already. Could be a cold night tonight.
So, apart from feeling tired, I haven't done very well today. I had some allergy testing done a couple of years ago (I think) and was told at the time that I have an intollerance to yeast and dairy. I've been quite good over the Christmas period and been watching what I eat. Today (I'll blame it on feeling tired and lethargic) I've not stuck to my guidelines and have eaten things I know I shouldn't. This evening I'm paying for it and it's not worth it! I don't know why I do it but I do know that tomorrow I will be watching what I eat again!!! It's my own fault :o(
I've been toying with the idea of joining Weight Watchers Online, have any of you used the online service before? I would really like to get my weight down a bit (or a lot even!!) and I also want to try and exercise - please note I didn't say more because there's not much going on at the moment at all. Anyone want to help motivate me, feel free! ;o)
So on that, not as brief as I thought it would be, note I'm going to end off, scan my computer and get an early night. Tomorrow is another early morning! I also thought I'd leave you with a photo of Tom because he hasn't been on the blog for a while. Have a good evening xx