Friday, 8 August 2008

10 Pin Bowling

Today we had fun!!
Hugh had a driving lesson from 11 - 12 this morning and when he got back we went to Starburger for lunch. From there it was into Crawley to go 10 Pin Bowling. We don't do this very often (I don't know why not!) and it was one thing that all three children (can I still call the older two that?) were happy to do. We didn't have to wait for our lane, even though we were early. Naturally I took my camera with me to record it all. They had some good songs playing and the girls were singing along and dancing from time to time. Hugh and I were pretty close, score wise, virtually the whole way through the game but I just pipped him at the end. It was good to go out and spend time with all three children together.

Hugh started the game

Emily was doing well

Claire was obviously happy with this one!




Emily got her own back by taking a photo of me

Not often I get a photo of the three together

We stopped off for a drink in the bar afterwards. Very relaxed, just chatting about this, that and everything before coming home again.

Tomorrow the girls and I are going to Leah's 5th birthday party in Edenbridge. Should be fun and the camera will be coming with me again ;o)