Thursday, 14 August 2008


Today was another day of heavy showers and sunshine. I spent the morning getting the washing up to date but then had to hang it on the airer to dry. Hanging it outside wasn't an option, unless I was going to be constantly watching the weather for rain. This afternoon, Emily and I went to Sackville to get her new school uniform. When we arrived at the uniform shop it was packed!! Fortunately the others had been there since the shop opened half an hour before so they soon left and Emily and I were able to get what she needed. We decided to go straight into town afterwards to get her school shoes and a new school bag. A break at Cafe Neros, for hot chocolate and cappaccino (decaf, soya milk, regular), was needed half way through. When we got home Emily put on her uniform for Jon to see. Another three weeks and she'll be starting at Sackville! The holidays are going too quickly!!
Just back from shopping In her new uniform I had been hoping to go somewhere tomorrow but have just remembered that Hugh is using my car for his driving lesson tomorrow - which happens to be from 11 - 1, sort of cuts into the day a bit! Guess I may have to do the ironing instead.