Monday, 3 December 2012

Jason Mraz Concert

Before you go any further, if you don't have any interest in Jason Mraz this post might not be one you want to read ;o)
 Saturday dawned fairly bright and, more importantly, dry if somewhat chilly. Emily and I had been looking forward to going to see Jason Mraz for a few months and finally the day had come.  We got up to The O2 in London (perhaps a little too much) earlier than necessary but had decided we were going to go and get something to eat before going to the concert. TGI Fridays is always a good choice!
 I did have to smile when I was going through my photos later and saw this one. I guess Emily was trending on Saturday night ;o)
 We both opted for burgers - mine with a side of Jack Daniels sauce!
 When we finally got in to the arena we were quite happy with the seats we'd got, especially considering we were late to the game when we booked and I ended up getting them off eBay.  The only thing we were hoping for was screens so we could actually see what was going on properly.
 We needn't have worried because the screens on stage were fantastic and we could see without any problem.
 Unfortunately, the opening act wasn't fantastic - he had a good voice but his songs weren't quite to my taste (or that of a number of other people in the arena if the response was anything to go by). However, as soon as Jason came on stage the atmosphere changed and it was just fantastic!
 He was telling us all to get comfortable and kick off our shoes if we wanted to, then told us he'd taken his off and the camera's panned to his feet just as I took this photo - lol!

 The band was brilliant and they all genuinely seemed to be having such a good time.
 I loved it when they sang Lucky - such good vocals. Not long after he did a bit of chat about the women in men's lives and mentioned Francine. Next thing we saw a woman in the audience up on the screens and her boyfriend proposed to her. She was so surprised and, fortunately, said Yes! She certainly won't ever forget the proposal, will she!
 A few more photos from the concert, it's so difficult to put into words how awesome it was (and that's not a word I normally use) and how much we enjoyed it.
 Emily and I had to buy the hoodies (never mind the t-shirts, it was really cold!) to show we'd been ;o) and after the concert, continued to listen to the CD in the car on the way home (Emily's just corrected me on this one. I listened to the CD as she fell asleep within a few  minutes of getting out of the car park ;o)  ).
 Had to take a photo of the guitarist, he was cute!
 And when Jason sang "I'm Yours" the whole place sang with him :o)
There was a point where Jason and the band left the stage. A lot of people got up and left but we stayed because they hadn't turned up the lights. A slow hand clap started, then there was foot stamping and people calling Jason's name. After a few minutes they came back on again and sang another 4 or 5 songs! So glad we didn't leave - if I'd been one of those people I'd have been kicking myself.  This last photo was the last song they played and everyone was having a fantastic time.
A M A Z I N G!! That's all I can say about the concert, absolutely A M A Z I N G!!

If you have read to the end and don't know who Jason Mraz is, have a watch of this video - you might like him too :o)