Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ali's "Week in the Life" project

As a number of you will know, next week Ali Edwards is running her "Week in the Life" project (for those who don't know about it you can see what it's about here). I had been thinking about playing along but next week isn't looking terribly exciting at the moment so I decided I'd start my week a bit earlier - like today! I've just downloaded about 70+ photos taken today - random everyday things. I haven't edited them yet and I've still to weed out which ones I won't be using. I have a couple of ideas about what I might want to do to document it but won't concentrate on that until I've completed the week.
This is a glimpse of what my day has entailed:
Took Claire to work and then carried on to Wetherspoons to meet the coffee ladies for breakfast. Emily came with me.
Home to hang out the washing and pick up Claire's coat and straighteners.
Lunch at Starburger with Hugh, Claire and Emily.
Took Hugh to the station to go up to Sarah's (in London).
Picked up Emily from Waterstones.
Phoned the Vets about Cloud.
Phoned Specsavers to make an appointment for Hugh.
Text Mary back about haircuts.
Caught up on some blog reading.
Look on Genes Reunited to find out date and place of Aunt Mavis's marriage.
Ordered External Hard Drive and photography book from Amazon.
Sorted out My Favourites on my computer, deleted any I no longer read.
Went to Vets to pick up more antibiotics for Cloud.
Made dinner for Jon.
Downloaded my PDFs from Ella Publishing.
Emily has Davina over for a sleepover.
Downloaded my photos for the day.
Edited a couple but lots more to go through.
Wrote this blog post.
I'm looking forward to trying to keep this up all week. Anyone else fancy giving it a go??