Wednesday, 22 August 2007

You make me SMILE

Today we went out to Creative Pastimes. It was a bit of a family outing with Mum, Louise, Faith, Theresa, Tyler, Emily and myself going. I hadn't been there since Norma was over and it was just good to go and see what they had in stock. I didn't buy a lot for myself but did leave feeling in the mood to do a scrapbook page.

This afternoon I printed off a few of the photos of Tyler from last Saturday and completed a quick layout. Here it is ....

Sorry, the photo is a bit crooked but you get the idea anyway. Here's to doing a few more layouts soon - it's been a while!

Journaling reads: You are growing up so quickly and are such a happy little boy. Nearly 7 months old. 18/08/2007

Have a good evening.