Thursday, 3 April 2008

Second Day

Two days in a row, who would have believed it!! I'm amazed that people still look! It's felt very strange here today because Norma is staying with my brother and his family. I've got used to her being here and going out and about with her and the house has seemed a bit empty today. That said, I didn't spend much time at home today. We seem to have been running out of the essentials - ie. bread, fruit, food in general, so I made a trip to Sainsburys straight after dropping Emily at school. From Sainsburys I went into town looking for birthday presents (now I'll find out if Claire reads this - hehe!!) and then up to the Farmer's market. Stopped in at Cafe Nero's for a couple of Chi Soya Lattes before heading round to my friend Alison's to catch up on what's been going on in her life. Felt like I hadn't seen her in ages and it was good to chat. I've been busy trying to download the tutorials I'd missed while the computer was down and am finally about caught up. Now I've just got to print them off so that I've got a permanent record. Not really much to tell today, just an average day! Have done my mini pages and am up to date there as well. Off to make dinner. Hope to blog again soon. xx