Tuesday, 13 April 2010

99 Flake

Today, although there was a cool breeze, we had "99 Flake" ice creams from the ice cream van this afternoon. Emily and I sat outside to eat them but it's now getting cooler so I've come inside. Quiet day today, spent the morning catching up on ironing from the last week. It took a while but it's finally done and I can forget about it again. Still trying to decide what we're going to have for dinner tonight, we're down to just Jon, Emily and I as Hugh is working and Claire's going to Craig's. I guess this is what happens as your children grow up ;o).
Emily and I are hoping to see either The Blind Side (which Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for) or Dear John tomorrow. Have any of you seen either? Are they any good? We tend to wait for movies to come out on DVD but seeing as Emily is still on holiday this week we thought it might be good to actually go to movies for a change! Will let you know if we get there ;o)