Monday, 8 February 2010


I couldn't believe it when it started snowing again this morning as we were about to go shopping. The snow came down fairly heavily and steadily throughout the day - I can cope with it because it's not settling! As long as the roads stay clear I don't mind. As we were going through the checkout at Sainsbury's, Theresa and Alyssa came up behind us. It was lovely to see them and they came and joined us for a coffee. Alyssa is getting so big and has started losing some of her hair, I'll be interested to see if it comes through dark again or whether she'll be blonde like Tyler. Difficult to say at this stage.
She is such a little sweetie and was "talking" away this morning. We got lots of smiles and Mum and I both got a chance to hold her. At three months old she is wanting to stand rather than sit - why do they want to grow up so quickly :(
After lunch today I went to have a cup of tea with my friend Alison. This is the road she lives in, close to town, and if you click on the picture you may even be able to make out the snow ;).
I had a quieter afternoon and feel quite sleepy this evening. Might end up having an early night and read my book in bed for a while. Not often I get a chance to do that but Jon's out this evening and I might make the most of it ;)

Birthday tea photos

Faith's birthday tea yesterday afternoon was most enjoyable. She had a chocolate chip sponge cake for her birthday cake which is a new one on me. It was very tasty but I was good and didn't sample any of the other cakes as I wanted to have room for my curry ;)
Faith - sweet 17! Dad and my nephew, Max (Faith's brother)
Emily and Faith
Blowing out the candles :)
Jon and I enjoyed our curry last night - even if we did end up going to a different restaurant to the one we had planned on going to. Still had a lovely meal with excellent service. However, I didn't end up taking any photos - just enjoyed the evening.
Thank you for all the congrats on yesterdays post, they were much appreciated!