Monday, 3 August 2009

Weekend recap : The people at the party

One of the nice things about going to the party was the chance to get to see family that we don't see very often. In some cases I don't remember how long it is since we last met up and in others it was at Deb and Dave's wedding a couple of years ago. Back : Steve Alison, Rob, Jon, James, Martin and Frank (Dad) Front : Emily, Deb, Penny and Jerry with Robbie right in the front.
Same again (but some faces are hidden) Having a look at the scrapbook Penny brought over for Alison
Rob (your radar didn't pick up the camera pointing at you this time ;o) )
Carol and Peter (Penny's friends from the North)
Debbie and Dave
Terry (who I haven't seen in ages) and Frank
Malcolm carving the chicken
Terry, Jon and Martin
Frank, James, Alison, Terry, Jon and Martin
Rob was amusing Robbie and Alison (with his dancing/singing I think??)
Emily and Debbie
Alison with her early birthday present from Penny

Weekend recap : Saturday morning

After our breakfast on Saturday morning, Martin, Jon, Emily and I had a quick trip into York (nearly) so that Martin could pick up a gazebo. Friday had been cool and dry but on Saturday it was raining and looked like it was set to stay.
Halfords was on the outskirts but we did get to see one of the gates in the old wall. Emily and I are hoping we may get a chance to go back up towards the end of the holidays so that we can do some sightseeing with Ali. I had to take this photo anyway (windscreen wiper and all!) We got to Rob and Ali's just before Rob got back with a car full of balloons. You can just see Robbie's head in the back window.
Balloons for the lounge
Action shot of Robbie getting one of the balloons ;o)
Emily and Jerry sorting out their cameras
Robbie with one of Grandma Penny's balloons
Sorry Malcolm, it had to be posted!

Weekend recap : Friday

This past weekend, Jon, Emily and I went up to York for Jon's sister Penny's 60th birthday celebration. Penny and her husband Malcolm are over on holiday from South Africa and were staying with Penny's son Rob; his wife, Alison and their son Robbie. On Friday morning Jon's brother, Martin, arrived to pick us up and we left around 11am. I won't go into all the details but it took us 5 1/2 hours to get there, including a half hour stop for lunch and a few traffic delays. We stopped off at the motel to check in and have a quick drink before heading round to Rob and Ali's to see everyone. Martin's car
Martin Jon, Emily and Martin sitting in the garden at the motel.
The motel (from the back). We were staying in the rooms on the right.
The motel was quite comfortable, did a lovely cooked breakfast and had great coffee ;-)