Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Olympic Torch Relay 2012 (very photo heavy)

Today, the Olympic Torch Relay 2012 came through East Grinstead as part of its travels around the country before the Olympic Games start on 27 July.
 I was going to meet friends for a coffee before hand but by the time we got to Caffe Nero the queue was out the door and along the pavement and people were already starting to line the streets. We decided it might be a better idea to book our place on the pavement and have a coffee afterwards.
 We had a few people coming round to entertain the crowds while we waited for the torch to arrive - including this peep show box. I didn't actually see anyone go to look in it though.
 The crowds grew steadily. We got there at 9am and the torch wasn't due to get to the High Street until 10.30am.
 Doing some people watching :o)

 The Mayoress did a little walk about.

 Our little group :o)  Dad was walking past and stopped to join us in the wait.  
 Hugh and Max also walked into town and stood with us.
 The excitement was growing (and I have to say, all the children were so well behaved)
 More entertainment

 This chap on jump stilts was brilliant and bounced all over the road 
 He reminded me of Tigger in Winnie the Pooh
 Police riders came next
 followed by the torch relay bus
 more stilt walkers
 and finally, the torch!!

And, because I couldn't finish without some photos showing Alice and Claire, here are a few I took from Claire's facebook page.  She and Alice watched the relay as it came in to town (round the corner from where we were) with Claire's friend Rachele.

 Love this photo (and Alice xx)
 Look at that little smile!
 With Aunty Rachele
And as she was such a good girl, she got to eat her gold medal ;o)

This was definitely something that had to be done as we'll probably not see anything like it again in our life time.