Friday, 10 February 2012


 Alice had the choice of two new drinking cups today, one which has a top like a straw (but it's not a straw) and this one which is more like drinking from a glass.  This is the one she tended to go to more though she did drink from both.

And, after reading a few blogs tonight where people are taking part in Shimelle's Ten on the Tenth I though if I just added another nine of the photos I took today I could also join in. So here are the next nine ...
 Love the little tongue sticking out as she concentrates :o)
 With her two new cups
 Love this little one so much!
 Telling me that the cat (in her hands) says Miaow!
 Playing with toys
 Might be time for a trim soon
 She loves putting things in this bag Norma gave me and carrying it around.
 Talking to the horse :o)
Such a very happy, precious little girl :o) and I'm so very grateful that I get to spend so much time with her.  I love you gorgeous girl xxx