Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sweet Pumpkin :)

We had a visit from our sweet little Pumpkin last night :)  Some of these photos fall into the "not perfect" category as they're a bit grainy or blurred but I love them all and just looking at them make me smile :)  (I may be slightly biased where this little Pumpkin is concerned though!)

 Mummy and Daddy took Alice Trick or Treating last night. They had already been to visit my parents and had another three stops after us.
 Alice was fascinated by our singing pumpking (which gets quite annoying after a while lol!)
 Look at that little tongue! So cute!
 It didn't take her too long to work out there was something in that pumpkin ;-)
 Also didn't take her too long to empty said things on to the floor  lol!
 Aunty Em had to help unwrap one of the chocolate lollies before she ate the paper
 On the move again and evidence of chocolate eating on the leaves.
Love you little Pumpkin :) xxx