Friday, 25 February 2011


This afternoon Emily and I popped round to (my niece) Theresa's house to see the new kittens. Minnie, the Mum, was really relaxed about us being there and let Emily put her hand in to stroke her and then one of the kittens. They're not a week old yet and their little eyes are still closed.  I wasn't sure how much detail I'd get because they were lying at the back of the box but you can make them out :)
Minnie with the kittens
While they were asleep Minnie was happy to come out of the box and have a break

 Love this one with the feet up in the air!
 I think all three have little white tummies and feet. At this stage two of the kittens appear slightly grey-er than the third one. We'll have to see what happens.
Too cute!
 Alyssa was happy to sit with us while we watched the kittens (nearly as big time wasters as babies ;o)  )
 And Tyler managed to add sprinkles to his yoghurt while we weren't looking  (sorry about the shadows in these photos, I had my camera on Auto to try and get clearer pictures of the kittens and didn't switch back to manual)
Claire had got home with Alice just before we got back. Alice was very happy and had been smiling away - until I put a big camera in front of my face.  I have also got some video on my camera from a little later but I'm going to have to work out how to a) edit it and b) put it on the blog. Eventually it may go up here :o)

Have a good weekend.