Sunday, 6 May 2007

Family BBQ

Iain, Louise, Max and Faith moved to East Grinstead last week and they invited the family to their house today for a bbq. We got there just as Kay, Theresa, Will and Tyler were arriving and Mum and Dad had already arrived.

We were lucky that the afternoon, though overcast, was warm enough to sit outside and as is to be expected, Tyler was centre of attention a lot of the time. He is growing up so quickly and is already 3,5 months old. First to get a hold was Mum/Great Grandma

I think it was my turn next (no photos) but it wasn't long before Hugh had a turn as well. Sarah (Hugh's girlfriend) was happy to watch and play with Tyler from next to Hugh.

Emily also had her turn at holding her little cousin
When I see how little Tyler is, it makes me realise how grown up our children are getting. I can still clearly remember each of them at Tyler's age and it doesn't seem that long ago!!

There will be more photos from the bbq on the family web page next weekend.

Have a good evening