Monday, 19 July 2010

Catch up

Wow, it feels like a long time since I've just done a general chit chat blog post. I have to admit, I'm loving the fact that I finished the quilt and got it posted and also that I've finished editing Michelle & Matthew's photos. The pressure is off and I'm feeling a lot more relaxed so I thought I'd do a quick catch up post of the past few days.
Friday was Emily's sports day at school. Unfortunately, like me, Emily isn't that keen on sports - she's got better at doing PE and does try her best. For sports day her teacher put her in the long jump (better than running!) but when she got home from school, her foot was bandaged up and she was limping a bit :( She had twisted her ankle when she landed and they'd had to call the medical lady over to strap it up. She's been told not to do sport for the next week but this week is their curriculum enhancement week and Emily was supposed to be doing sporting team building exercises. Although I sent her in with a letter this morning, she was still encouraged to take part in the various sports but with someone else doing her running for her. Her ankle is quite sore tonight so I may be writing another note to the teachers for tomorrow. On Saturday I was woken up with the phone ringing at 6.15am. I could hear Jon answer it but realised he hadn't realised it was Argos letting him know that Claire and Craig's new bed would be delivered in the next hour, so I got up. There was a lot of tidying and clearing to be done, the double bed to be built and the room to be reorganised. They did really well and although the bed takes up a lot of the room, because the desk and bookcase have been taken out, the room almost feels bigger. Craig has been painting a little wardrobe that my friend, Ali, gave them. It's going to be ideal for the baby's things and once the final coat of paint is on, Claire can start putting baby things in it. There should even be room in the room for a Moses basket or cot ;) This one is a "just because" photo. You haven't seen Bellatrix and Mac for a little while so I thought I'd add this one - just because! They don't often lie together any more so when I saw them like this the other day I had to take a photo. Next up are our sunflowers. Dad gave us a few quite a while ago and we are finally starting to see the flowers appearing. Can't wait to see them fully opened up :) That brings us to tonight! Today turned out to be really warm - probably up to about 28C (yes, that's really warm for us ;) ) and we decided to have a braai/bbq for dinner tonight as we hadn't had one for a while. When Jon got home from work he changed into shorts and a t-shirt and got the fire going. I made a salad and some fried rice and we had some bread to go with it. Nothing fancy - in this weather I don't feel like eating too much anyway. We thoroughly enjoyed it and empty plates with clean bones is always a good sign. Cloud wasn't quite as impressed with that, I think she would have liked a few left overs ;) She is still in her t-shirt and cone but I'm glad to say that she does seem to be starting to get better. The dog parlour I take her to recommended that I try her on some new food they're stocking. It was recommended by doggy dermatologists for a couple of other dogs they groom and they felt they could see an improvement. I'm happy to try anything that might help and after nearly 4 weeks on the new food, I think we may be getting somewhere. I really hope so! And finally, my newest orchid! Dad gave me three White Egret Orchid tubers and kept three for himself to see if we could grow them ourselves. To begin with mine didn't seem to be doing much but then I got some leaves through. All three have survived but one is way ahead of the others and tonight as I was loading the dishwasher I saw that the first flower has opened :) It's tiny - probably only about three quarters of an inch to an inch in size. It's so dainty and looking at this photo you can see why it's called a White Egret - it looks just like a little bird. I love it!! Thank you, Dad!