Monday, 11 January 2010

Back to School

Emily's school opened again today after 3 snow days. Needless to say Emily was a bit disappointed she wasn't going to get to stay at home again today (and it was quite cold this morning) but was looking forward to seeing her friends. The school had said they could wear boots or trainers and extra layers with their uniforms. Last night I took up Emily's new school trousers so she could wear them today and she wore Wellies to walk to school and home again but took some fur lined boots to wear around the school. She's home now but said some areas around school were still quite icy. She's had some hot chocolate and has disappeared up to her room ;o) I told Mum I didn't think I was ready to drive yet so we gave Sainsbury's a miss and I walked down to have coffee with Mum and Dad instead. I took my camera with me and got a few more snow photos on the way. Are you totally sick of them all yet?
Love the red post box against the snow :)
We had a lovely long chat while having coffee and before I knew it, it was nearly lunch time and time for me to head home and make Jon and Hugh some lunch.
This afternoon a number of the men from our road have been out with their shovels trying to clear some of the snow off the road. They've done well and with a bit of luck I'll be able to drive again in the next day or so. I, however, stayed inside and made a start on tidying the bookcase in the kitchen. It's one of those places that gets things put on it and then left there. I've cleared out a fair bit and sorted through the magazines. At least I've made a start! Now there's just the rest of the kitchen to tackle ;o)
Time to think about dinner. Have a good evening