Monday, 13 February 2012


 A trip to the South African shop at Redhill is never a cheap outing ;)!  Emily and I took a drive out there today and came home with three carrier bags full. The spoils had to be divided for each family member so that no one was left out and everyone got what they had requested.  Unfortunately, I didn't do very well at taking photos - forgot at the shop itself so said I'd take some when I got home. Got home and divided everything up and promptly forgot to take a photo again! This is a very small selection of some of the goodies we got - biltong - so more-ish; Black Cat peanut butter (the best peanut butter I've ever tried!); condensed milk rusks for dipping in coffee ;o); Top Deck chocolate for Mum & Dad and Peppermint Crisps for a caramel pudding I make.  Also bought today were curry powder (again, my favourite and only from SA) and Cream Soda squash - which both Hugh and Claire grew up on when they were little and we lived in SA, they still both love it! There was more but I won't mention everything :)
 We go the back way to get to Redhill and this involves driving along some country roads.  On the way there I noticed the snow in the fields and it looked so pretty. Driving home, there were no cars behind me so I pulled off the road slightly and jumped out to take a couple of photos.  It was so pretty!

Thank you for all the well wishes for Alice.  I saw her this afternoon and she was still quite poorly and only wanted her Mummy. However, Claire text me this evening to say that Alice had started eating a little bit and seemed much brighter after having had something. Her temp seems to be staying down, though she has now got a very snuffly nose.  Hopefully the worst is over now and she'll start feeling better day by day.