Friday, 27 February 2009


Today was a good day!! We woke up to SUNSHINE!!!!! What a difference sunshine makes :) I put a couple of loads of washing on and then got to hang them out on the line! Happy, happiness! We also have a crocus starting to flower
and Cloud (though she doesn't look particularly happy) sat soaking up the sun on the step
And, because we had to make the most of it, I picked up Mum and Dad and we went to the garden centre. Just so nice to be able to get out and walk in the sunshine again. I've really been looking forward to this day and just hope it doesn't go back to freezing weather again too soon. I know I sound sad but you've no idea how much I've needed this ;)
A few photos from the garden centre :
and close up
Roses (looking forward to ours coming out again!)
And a splash of colour
Back home again I had lunch (fruit) outside and sat and read my book for a while - bliss! I'm happy!!
Other good news is that Jon had a telephone interview that went well today and it's possible he could start work next week if his visit to the client goes well on Monday. Fingers (and anything else) crossed!
Have a lovely weekend.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

End of the holidays

Today is the last day of half term and Emily goes back to school tomorrow. We've spent some time making sure she's done all the homework she had to do and that she has everything she needs for tomorrow (ie. a uniform that's been ironed) Jon asked if I would take a few photos of the prize giving for his pool league, so Emily and I went down around 12.30pm and I took a few photos, including this group one. Hopefully there will be a few that can be used. After that we popped round to Alison's for a quick coffee and a chat. Ali has been home alone for the last couple of days and we thought she might like some company. I had made a start on sewing rows of my quilt together this morning and was keen to carry on this afternoon.
As it turns out, I have finished sewing the top of the quilt and now have to add the wadding and backing before starting to quilt it.
Not the best photo of the finished top but it gives you an idea of what it'll look like.
Hope you've had a good weekend

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Today .... Saturday

As I don't have much to say I thought I'd give you a peek at our everyday life, today, Saturday =) After breakfast and catching up on some blog reading I got stuck in to doing the ironing. I've been trying to keep it down by doing ironing as it's ready to be done and as a result I only had two small baskets to do today - which didn't take too long. I tend to put on my little tv in the kitchen while I'm doing it and today watched the BBC food show. Ironing put away and the house tidied up a bit, it was time for Emily and I to head into town. On Saturdays we always go in so that we get some sweets from the local sweet shop for Saturday night TV viewing. It's become a bit of a tradition. Perhaps next week I'll ask if I can take a photo inside the shop so you can see the shelves full of jars of sweets :)
The sun was out today and what a difference it makes to everyone. People are happy and walking around without jackets/coats. Bliss!!! I can almost feel spring coming - oh happy days! Back home and it was time to get out in the garden. The dogs were already out when we got back, sitting in a patch of sunshine.
Jon had done a poo patrol (sorry, too much information I suppose) in preparation for cutting the grass for the first time this year. It wasn't that long but was a bit tufty.
Fortunately, in this house, cutting the grass doesn't take nearly as long as it did in the old house.
Charlie decided it was safe to come home once the grass cutter stopped.
What makes me happy is seeing the buds coming out on the plants 1) because it means they've survived the winter and 2) another sign that it won't be too long before spring comes.
Buds on the rose bush
and on the Acer
While Jon was slogging away cutting the grass, I took the opportunity to sit outside (with my feet up) and start reading the Scrapbooks etc. magazine that Liz had sent over from Chicago with Simon last week
while having a cup of Rooibos (Redbush) tea and a Rocky biscuit. Did I mention, in the sunshine!!! Charlie came on to the patio but missed the sunny spot while the dogs made the most of the last bit of sun on the patio.
I have to admit that I didn't stay out there very long because the breeze came up and soon cooled things down. However, it was a taste of what we'll have to look forward to in a not too distant future. Can't wait!!!
And just to keep myself grounded, I found this photo on my (point and shoot) camera when I downloaded photos. I know we could also have more of this before we get to that warm sunshine properly.
Shopping trolleys outside Sainsbury's at the beginning of the month. :(
Have a good weekend

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Favourite photo and random photos

Today I was reading Jessica Sprague's blog and she was asking what your favourite photo would be in order to enter a competition to win a free place on her Photoshop/Elements class. Although I never expect to win any of these competitions, it did make me think about the photos I've taken and wonder which would be my favourite. I have many photos that I love of all three of my children but glancing through my files, these photos of Emily on our turquoise chair jumped out at me. This one in particular always catches my eye. It's not in sharp focus but it brings that fun day back to me. We had a mini photo shoot and a good laugh and this one was taken near the end when she'd about had enough. Fun memories and, I think, a beautiful photo! In other news, belated happy birthday to my sister Kay for Tuesday just gone. This was the card I made for her - simple and fun. I did see Kay on Tuesday and she very kindly popped in with some cake this evening. Thanks Kay!!
Today we had Jake and Leah for a little while, while Alison went for pre op blood tests. The children decided to have a go on WiiFit and I caught Leah warming up in preparation :)
A rare photo of Jake smiling, I'm not sure he realised I actually had the camera focused on him.
And then, after taking a few photos of the children, I turned my attention to some of the flowers we got last weekend. Jon's sister Deb brought the girls each a bunch of daffodils which have opened out beautifully.
And Claire also got some white roses from her boyfriend Graham. I could see this one as a big canvas
Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow is another fairly full day. We need to pop in to town in the morning and then Emily is going out for lunch and to the movies with a friend. While she's out, I'm hoping to make a start on sewing the little quilt I cut out last week.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Painting and a visit

As you may have realised, I do like orchids and on Friday when I went to visit my friend Alison, her orchids were also in bloom so I had to take a couple of photos.
Alison's daughter, Leah's school was having an inset (teacher training) day so she was at home when I went round for coffee. I've known Ali since before Leah was born so Leah is very used to me arriving with my camera and taking photos while I'm there. She decided she wanted to do some painting on Friday morning so I took the opportunity to take a few photos ;o)
Waiting for Ali to get the paints out, Leah was sitting on the kitchen floor with the light from the window catching her. This is one of my favourites from the day.
This cat pot was what was going to be painted.
Love the concentration.
Here she was watching a fly on the window
On Saturday, Jon's brother Simon came to spend the night with us. He had been over in the UK from Chicago since last Sunday but working up in London. We always enjoy his visits and at the moment I'm trying to persuade him to bring Liz with him on one of these trips. We went out for dinner on Saturday night but because it was Valentines day we couldn't get in to any of the local restaurants so went to The Broadway instead. Jayson (the pub owner) cooked some beautiful steaks for us and it was a really delicious meal.
This morning, after breakfast, Simon and I popped round to see Mum and Dad before Simon headed back up to London and his flight home tomorrow morning. Mum and Dad also enjoy getting to see Si when he's in the area and today I took a photo before we left.
Simon, Mum and Dad
Emily is on half term this week so we don't have to be getting up at 6am. Looking forward to an extra hour in bed in the mornings :) Hope you have all had a good weekend
Until next time.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

So, what's happening ...?

Not a lot is the easy answer to the above question. I'm not good at going out and doing things when it's so cold (for me!) outside. My fingers go purple and I lose the feeling in the tips so I tend to stay indoors. We did, however, go round to celebrate my neice Faith's 16th birthday on Sunday. Her birthday was on Saturday but the birthday tea was on Sunday.
Sweet 16 Opening cards
Blowing out the candles
Emily and Claire
Emily, Faith and Claire
Have to have a couple of Tyler as well :)
Too cute!!
Other than that, I've been in the mood for sewing lately but wasn't sure what I wanted to make. I have a small stash of fat quarters and a few larger pieces of material which I decided to go through today. This is what I ended up doing this afternoon ...
I cut out over 100 4.5" squares and then sat playing with them to decide how they would line up. I think I'm fairly happy with this final layout and have now made little piles of each row and numbered them so I know where they go. Now I've just got to sew them all together =) (once I've found all my sewing supplies - some of which are still in boxes from when we moved). I'm looking forward to doing this and seeing it finished.
What are you up to this week???