Monday, 31 October 2011


On Friday, Mum and I had a trip to the South African shop in Redhill :)
 I had only been going for a few bits but ended up leaving with three bags full of goodies ;-)

 As we walked round the shop we were both going "remember ....." or "remember when we had ....."   One chocolate bar in particular used to be my treat for the week, I'd buy a chocolate bar and the weekly magazine and eat the chocolate while reading it.  I just have to see it to remember that. 
 Needless to say, some chocolate managed to find it's way into the bag and the Cream Soda at the back is what Hugh and Claire used to drink when they were little. The Cream Soda they have here in the UK is quite different to our South African one so when I go I have to buy at least two bottles.
Funnily enough, peanut butter was never really something we had when I was growing up (I don't think Mum likes it) but I've always quite liked it and my children also do.  However, again, we like the South African Black Cat version (though can happily eat local brands when we don't have Black Cat). 

Are there any foods that have a strong memory for you?