Wednesday, 14 April 2010

We didn't get there

It reverted back to being quite cold this morning, the heating went back on and after some discussion Emily decided she would rather stay at home than go to movies. I caught up on some reading (though there were plenty of other things I could have been doing!) and Emily brought her laptop downstairs. We sat with our feet under the fleece to keep warm. My chilblains are back with a vengence - possibly because I've been wearing flip flops for the last week :oS As soon as the sun comes out I don't want to wear socks and shoes anymore, I want it to be warm enough for me to wear sandals or flip flops. I guess it might not have been quite as warm as I was hoping because my toes are really sore now. I was going to post a photo of them but then thought better of it -I do still want you to come back and read my blog after all ;o)
Although we didn't get to movies we did get to go and visit friends this afternoon, great to catch up as we hadn't seen each other for a while :o)