Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Photo a Day : 28 March 2012

Tonight was haircut night for Emily and me.  We go round to Mary's house where she has her utility room set out as a mini salon.  We always have a good natter and catch up with what's been going on.  Emily is growing her hair and is pleased with how long it's getting. She had a little bit more shape cut into the front tonight. As for me, I tend to just have a trim and get mine back under control ;o) 

Last ones from Monday

As I said in a previous post, we spent most of Monday outside in the garden. Here are some more photos from our day ...
 This little truck had the toys for the sand pit in it and it's been a big hit as Alice likes to pull it around the patio (sometimes while making choo choo sounds??)
 My nephew, Max, is staying with us and he and Alice had fun playing peek a boo through the slats of the bench.
 Hello, beautiful!! <3 xx
 From when she was little, Alice has enjoyed playing with my clothes pegs.  Monday was no different and she spent ages playing with these two pegs on the chair.

 We then had a period of water play, which resulted in Alice getting soaked through and Grandma also getting a bit wet  ;o).
 After the water play we came inside to get Alice into something dry and to play and read books for a while. I even managed to tie her hair up in little pigtails - though they didn't stay in for too long.

 Big smile for Grandpa :o)
 And then it was back outside again for a while.

If you've stuck with me through all these photos, thank you ;o)  


A few more photos from Monday :)

I've got a few more photos to share from Monday.  The first two are just because they're quite cute and I like them :)
 When we remind Alice that we don't pick all the petals off the flowers, she bends over and "sniffs" them instead :)
 These next photos make me smile/laugh each time I look at them because I can still picture and hear Alice ...
 It all started because Hugh had brought his exercise bench outside to do his workout because the weather was so nice.
You can see by the look on Alice's face that she wasn't quite sure what Uncle Hugh was doing. And as he was lifting his weights, he'd make a Shhhh noise.  Alice continued watching for a while and then turned to me and went .....

 Shhh .. (putting her finger to her lips ;o) ) ... and started giggling! This continued throughout that segment of Hugh's routine and at times he could hardly carry on because we were laughing so much.
 And when he finished, she gave him a round of applause!
Then she'd run up to the workout bench and give it a pat and then run away from Hugh.  It was soo funny!  She is so cute and keeps us in stitches with some of the things she does :)