Monday, 7 December 2009

You Tube Video must see

I was reading through a couple of blogs before heading off to bed when I saw this link on Ruth's blog and thought I'd see what it was. It is truly worth watching, what an amazing man xx

JYC Day 7

I'm afraid taking photos of layouts at night under Tungsten lighting does not result in the best shots ;o) but I'm sure you'll be able to get an idea of my latest offering.
I know it looks awfully flat in this photo but it does look much better in real life! Honest!
And I can hear some of you saying; "Hang on a minute, did we see a page for day 6?" and the answer would be no, you didn't! It's not that I'm missing that day out, just that I'm still thinking about what I might want to write. A case of "Watch this space!"
As for what we've been up to, it's pretty quiet around here. A bit of craftiness went on this weekend (though not in any of the areas where it was actually needed) and today I finally got stuck in to doing a bit more sewing. I haven't got much time to finish, so I need to get a move on! Of course, there was the ironing to catch up with from the weekend, as well as the washing to be done. After doing the shopping on Monday mornings the Starbucks coffee is much appreciated - thank you Mum!
And for the rest of the week: a bit more sewing, maybe a bit of baking, cards to be mailed overseas, more journal pages to be made and ... we also wait to see how Jon did in his interview today. Lots of prayers going up. I'm still a firm believer in if it is meant to be, it will be!. Let's hope this is one of those 'meant to be' times :o)