Friday, 16 April 2010

Thank you, Amy

A big Thank You to Amy (and her lovely little assistant) for the template I was lucky enough to win. I liked it when Amy first showed it and when I got my email telling me I'd won I couldn't wait to use it myself. After the scan this morning I knew what my first layout would be and this afternoon I completed it. The template was easy to use and I'm so pleased with the way the layout came together. I hope I've done your template justice Amy - I know I'm going to get lots of use out of it! Thanks once again and enjoy your weekend. xx


Claire and I spent most of this morning sitting at the hospital waiting for her to have a scan. She's had a couple of hiccups during the past week and the Doctor wanted to see that everything was ok. I'm glad to say that it's all fine, they measured the baby at 26mm which makes her about 9 weeks and 3 days and the baby should be due around the 17 November. It was a huge relief to see the little heart beating and know that all is well. First scan photo and for those of you who are as good as me at making out these photos, the head is on the left hand side.
I don't think Claire and I stopped smiling all the way back! We picked up Emily and took Claire out to get some lunch before she headed back to work.