Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My sister's new blog :)

Norma and Emily (Oxford, England  July 2011)

If you read my blog fairly regularly, you'll know that I have a sister, called Norma, who lives in South Africa and comes to visit us as often as we can get her to ;o)  Well, today she left a comment on my previous post letting me know that she's started blogging again.  She's started before and then dropped out. So, I'm posting about her new blog here and asking you to pop over to visit it and leave her a comment. If she knows people are popping in, hopefully, she'll be more inclined to carry on. I'm sure once she gets into the swing of it, her blog will be fantastic and, as a bonus, she enjoys crafting (which will be a plus for some of you).  For the family reading my blog, pop over and say hi to Norma too, I'm sure she'd love to hear from you :o).

Her blog can be found here


Day 3

Yesterday we woke to very strong blustery winds and heavy squally rain. Looking outside we could see that a large section of the covering on the roof of the shed had been blown off but fortunately nothing worse than that. Mum phoned shortly afterwards to say their side fence had blown down and they were trying to prop it up again. The afternoon was a bit brighter but still had heavy showers from time to time.

Yesterday afternoon also saw the Christmas tree and decorations come down and be packed away. With Emily going back to school tomorrow, it felt like the right time to pack away the Christmas things. On with the new year now :)