Sunday, 13 December 2009

JYC Day 13

Day 13's page is done and didn't take too long - I have my favourite Christmas CD and it's gone on each year since I was given it. I think the children are probably getting a bit fed up with it. Claire suggested I buy something to alternate with it so I've taken her advice and ordered Ronan Keating's new CD. It hasn't arrived yet and until it does, we'll continue listening to Celine Dion.
Jon and I have been invited to his Bible Study group's dinner tomorrow night and Jon said I would make a pudding. I'm attempting to make a Pavlova! Never made one before so I'm making it at the moment. If it doesn't work out I still have time to make something else tomorrow ;o).
I have a glass cake dome/cover that came with a base plate. Since our move, I haven't found the base. Today I decided to look in the garage and go through a few boxes to see if I could find it. My goodness, we have a lot of stuff still sitting there waiting to be sorted through and a LOT of stuff that needs to go to the dump or be taken to a Charity shop (bearing in mind that we moved in here two years ago today!) I've emptied 3 or 4 boxes and put some rubbish in them ready to go to the dump. There is now a path, of sorts, down the centre of the garage but despite all my effort, I still haven't found the base. Whatever I take tomorrow night will just have to go on a different plate with the dome over it. (I'm really hoping the pavlova works out though as I've bought the cream and raspberries to go on it!)