Sunday, 31 August 2008

This afternoon

We had a lovely afternoon round at Theresa's. She had lots of cakes for everyone - including some Weight Watchers ones :o). Tyler was on top form once he'd got used to us all being there and kept us entertained. He's now 19 months old and is quite a little character.
Theresa/birthday girl ;o)
Tyler through the afternoon New puppy - Smokey Tyler had been sitting on Will's lap watching him show us photos on the computer when, the next thing we knew, he was fast asleep. Theresa took him from Will and he didn't even seem to notice. He hadn't had his nap today and I guess it had just got to the point where he couldn't stay awake any longer. Too cute!!

A quick layout

We are going round to Theresa's soon for birthday tea and cake (her birthday was on Wednesday). I've already given her her present but felt that I would like to take something for her. Theresa wants to make a scrapbook album for her son Tyler but hasn't got round to starting yet. I decided to make a quick layout to get the book started and to show her that layouts can be kept simple.

I know, not normal colours for a newborn but I like it ;o) The layout is 8x8 (the size of her album) and was made with goodies from my stash. The colours for the letters were chosen to match the dots round the numbers.