Friday, 6 June 2008

55 Years!!!

This is my Mum and Dad and today they celebrate 55 years of married life!! In this day and age I think that's quite an achievement - congratulations to you both!!
This morning, for a change, we took a drive out to Tulleys Farm for morning tea. We've been going to Tulleys since we first came back to the UK and have seen quite a few changes in the past 17 years. We don't go as often as we used to but it's always fun to see what they have added/done/in the shop!Today we chose to have cream teas - which turned out to be big enough to be lunch too! The scones were delicious and we all agreed it was a good choice! Dad took photos but I'm afraid I didn't - too busy getting ready to eat them! ;0)
We had a wander around the farm shop and were just leaving when we saw this van parked at the entrance

The pink flowers (Argyranthemum Crested Pink) were so pretty that Mum and Dad decided to buy one (and bought me one too). Dad went off to pay while Mum and I waited outside and the next thing we saw was the same flower man bringing in a tray of double Bizzy Lizzies which Dad had just been talking about.

Mum went off to let Dad know and once he'd paid for the first plants, they chose which Bizzy Lizzies they wantedI meanwhile, had been playing! These plant pots were stacked up at the side and I caught sight of my reflection in one of them so I had to try and get a photo. It's not brilliant but it is fun!

Back at the car, plants into a shopping bag to stop them from falling over :)

When we got to Mum and Dad's house we took a few photos to mark their anniversary
And we'll finish with a couple of shots taken in Dad's garden

Have a good weekend