Thursday, 2 October 2014

Chicago cont.

Another day, another breakfast ;-).  

We had a list of places we'd like to go to eat.  We've already ticked off Olive Garden and, to be honest, if we hadn't gone to any of the others we'd have been happy.  However, Liz was happy to oblige so we went to iHop for breakfast one morning. 

I had to take  a photo of the menu for Jon.  I'm sure even he might think twice about having a T-bone steak for breakfast ;-)

I do enjoy the endless cups of coffee.  How is it you can have a bottomless cup in America but here in the UK we have to pay every time we want a refill??

The obligatory selfie ;-)

One thing we did notice was how quiet it was in the restaurant, the previous time we had been it had been much busier but Liz was saying less people are going out for breakfast these days. The recession has certainly hit a lot of people across the world.

And the second one for this post is ...

It had to be done (more than once!)

We went to Denny's a few times.  With Liz, Richard and Henry, with Liz, with Liz and Henry, with Liz, Simon, Richard, Henry, Mark and Clifton - you get the picture?

Now this photo certainly isn't the best one of Emily and myself but it pretty much sums up our holiday. We had so much fun and probably haven't laughed so much in ages. That's the best part about going to Chicago, we slot right in and are part of the family and we have a ball!!

Finally under control again ;-)
And a couple more photos of Snowflake (because I have them and she's so sweet!)
In the shopping bag (because she could!)

And in Richard's bedroom. Snowflake is Richard's cat and as soon as Richard gets up in the morning Snowflake runs to see him and pretty much becomes his shadow for the rest of the day. 

Going through these photos brings home how much fun we had, I wish we lived closer!