Thursday, 14 October 2010

Thursday evening

I think these are likely to be the last roses we have for this year. The yellow rose has flowered three times and the peach one is on it's second round. 

 The scent from these roses is wonderful and as the bush is right outside our back door, I like nothing better than to walk outside and smell them :o)
 This little peach rose was bought after Jon's mother passed away. It's flowered each year but this year it hasn't looked as healthy as in previous years. I think it may need a good trim next year so we can get it back in good "health".
And finally, this arrived in the post the other day. I'm so looking foward to getting some time so I can sit down and watch it - not sure when that will happen though!

Finally, we heard tonight that Jon's brother Nick had a heart attack today. He's in hospital and they've put a stent in to open the arteries. We've been told he's likely to be in hospital for at least the next four days. Please keep him in your thoughts/prayers.  Thank you x

Getting ready

Claire's started packing her hospital bag :o)