Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Emily's 13th birthday

Today my "baby" became a teenager! I can't believe it!! Where have the years gone? We have been so lucky with Hugh and Claire, we haven't had too much teenage attitude or rebellion and the teenage years haven't been too painful ;o) Somehow, I doubt that Emily will be any different - I dare say I'll become more embarrassing to her and she won't want to go out with me as much but, on the whole, I look forward to the coming years. I've enjoyed seeing her become more independent and confident. I love that she sees more of her friends and is enjoying school. I look forward to what the coming years hold in store for her and seeing how she grows as a young woman. I know she'll make us proud!
When Emily got back from school this afternoon we had the family round for tea and cake. I didn't take many photos and I was enjoying the afternoon. Here are a few that I did take.
It used to be that Emily was the one who would be helping people to open their presents and blow out their candles. Today, she asked Tyler (my great nephew) if he would like to help her blow out her candles. She's no longer the baby in the family!
Claire enjoyed spoiling her younger sister on her birthday. Working in a bookshop certainly has its perks and today Claire managed to get Emily the new New Moon Movie Companion book. I think you can see by the photo that she was very happy!!
I'll have to leave it at that for now as we are about to go out to dinner - Wing Wah, Emily's choice!

Friday, 25 September 2009


Tonight Claire, Emily, Emily's friend Davina and I went to see Fame. It was released in the UK today and Claire wanted to go tonight because Craig (her boyfriend) was out at a wedding and wouldn't want to see it anyway. I have to admit, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Brought back lots of memories and it was a really good evening. However, one of the songs that was sung during the film has got me stumped. I knew all the words, could have sung along (but refrained myself :) ) and I can't think where I knew it from. Was it from the TV series or was it from something else. Here's the link to watch/listen to it on You Tube - if anyone can tell me where it was from I'd love to know http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTMDk9Xxs0Y. On the way home, Ali sent me a text about Private Practice, which I normally watch on Friday evenings (having taped it on Thursday night) so when I got home I had to watch last night's episode to find out what was going on. Good show, now we have to wait for next week to find out what happens next! Fortunately it's not that much later than I would normally be up but I am now ready for my bed. If someone could put me out of my misery (about the song) by the time I wake up tomorrow, that would be great!! ;o) xx

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Birthday wishes

I wanted to post again today to wish my sister-in-law, Debbie, a very Happy Birthday. Jon, Emily and I popped round there this afternoon to take her present and have some birthday cake (delicious!!) with her. Unfortunately, Deb hadn't been feeling 100% but she's taken some tablets and hopefully will feel a bit better soon. She and Dave are going to see the Soweto Gospel Choir in Tunbridge Wells this evening so we hope she has a lovely time. Next up, Emily's 13th birthday on Tuesday as well as Deb and Dave's 2nd wedding anniversary and Jon's brother Adrian's birthday. September is a busy month for us! Hope to post again soon but if I'm not back before the weekend, I hope you have a good one. xx

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Dad's Quilt

Dad had requested that we didn't buy presents for his birthday this year but that wasn't something I was so comfortable with - 80 is a very significant birthday after all!! So, using material from my stash, I decided to make him a lap quilt. During winter Dad often likes to have a rug over his knees when he's watching TV and I thought a quilt would be something he could use and also keep for years to come. While making the quilt I wasn't sure that the colours were going to come together and, as a result, wasn't sure what the end result would be like. However, I'm glad to say, it did all come together and I was quite happy with the end result. I hope you get lots of use out of it Dad and that it'll help keep you warm :)
Dad and his 80th birthday quilt

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Dad's 80th Birthday Lunch (Photo heavy ;o) )

Today Dad took all the family local to us, out for lunch at the Rose and Crown Pub in East Grinstead to celebrate his 80th birthday which is tomorrow. He had a full house with everyone within driving distance coming together for the occassion. We missed the family not able to be with us (Norma, Chez, Ciaran and Caelen; Robin; Renee, Colin, Marc, Shannon and James) but hope you know that you were in our thoughts. The meal was delicious and the service faultless. We had a few brief speeches from Jon, who was acting as MC, and a reply from Dad. Below are a some of the photos taken today
Had to have a helium balloon for Dad (and we made him walk back to the car carrying it ;o) ) People arriving at the pub
Dave, Emily and Debbie
Iain, Dad and Louise
Louise offered to take a few family photos before everyone sat down for lunch.
My sister Kay; my brother Iain; Dad; Mum and me (we just needed Norma and Robin to make the gang complete!)
There then followed a large group photo. As is often the case in big group photos not everyone is always looking at the camera, has eyes open, etc., so I'm putting the three we did take on the blog.
Claire and her boyfriend, Craig. Jon standing next to them during one of his speeches
Sarah (Hugh's girlfriend) and Hugh
We took a token cake to the pub and Dad asked Tyler to help him blow out the candle - Dad being the eldest person there and Tyler, the youngest great grandchild (at the moment - new brother/sister due early November '09). Tyler was a very willing helper
But not as willing to have his photo taken with Grandpa afterwards
The birthday boy
From the pub we went on to Mum and Dad's house for another birthday cake and tea/coffee.
Once again, Dad had a willing helper
We hope you enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did Dad and we'll see you again tomorrow.
Love you lots

Saturday, 5 September 2009

A quick review

I know I haven't done terribly well with the blogging this week but thought I'd do a quick review of what we've been up to. Wednesday was my friend Alison's birthday. I spent the morning at home doing some catch up with washing, ironing and housework but in the afternoon, Emily and I went round to Alison's for tea and cake. I always enjoy going there because it feels like home - I've spent many an hour there over the years ;o). Ali and Leah had made the birthday cake the night before and Leah and Jake iced it for her in the morning. I had to take a photo of the cake before we got stuck in and I love the way you can see a Bratz doll head and the Tigger mug in the background. Yes, feels like home (though we don't have the Bratz dolls around anymore :) This crystal angel was her present from Marc. It's about 10 inches high and is absolutely beautiful. It feels wonderful too and I kept running my hand over it.
On Thursday, Pam had invited the coffee ladies round before she went back to school on Friday. Unfortunately, because Pam changed jobs within the school she can't get to our Thursday morning coffees any more :o(. In the end only Carol and I could make it as Sarah had had to take her son Matt to hospital that morning with apendicitis.
I was also meant to go to Ikea with Iain and Louise on Thursday afternoon but Emily really didn't want to go and because it was her last day of holiday I decided to stay at home. I ended up phoning Iain during the afternoon to ask if he could pick up the bookcase I had wanted to get, which he did. We got it assembled on Thursday evening and I'm really pleased with it. I know it still looks a bit bare at the moment but I'm sure that'll change soon enough.
Friday was back to school day for Emily. I can't believe I didn't take a photo!! I'll have to rectify that by taking one on Monday instead. Her first day back went well and she went round to her friends house after school which meant I could go to the quilt exhibition at Hever Castle. Myung San has asked me to go a few times but this is the first year I've actually gone. We enjoyed walking round looking at all the quilts on display and also enjoyed looking at the stalls with quilting supplies. Makes me want to get started again .... watch this space!!
A quilt on display at The Quilt Room from Dorking's stall. Loved this one!!
This was a quilt submitted for display. It was so quaint and reminded me so much of Kath Kidston's things - I had to take a photo!!
It's now Saturday lunch time and I haven't done half the things I had intended to do this morning so I need to get off the computer and get to work. Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

September already!

Can you believe we are now into September! Where did the summer holidays go? Emily goes back to school on Friday and we'll then be back into the school routine. I don't know if I'm ready yet, I enjoy the lazier relaxed days of summer! This morning we needed to be up fairly early because Emily had a dentist appointment at 8.45am - baby tooth extraction! Her new tooth had grown down in front of the baby tooth and the baby one was making it difficult to brush her teeth properly. Emily wasn't looking forward to this at all because she had been warned that she would need an injection. Over the weekend, however, the tooth had become wobbly on its own so when we went in we asked whether it would be possible to leave the extraction and let the tooth come out naturally? One very happy girl when she was told that would be fine - lots of wobbling to be done to get it out as soon as possible but no extraction needed :o) Definitely made her day!
I then got to go round to my friend, Pam's house for coffee and a chat before Pam returns to work on Friday. I got there around 10am to find freshly brewed coffee and homemade scones - add the excellent company and it was a fantastic morning.
So much so that next time I looked at my watch it was after 1pm and time for me to leave. I love how sitting and solving the problems of the world with a friend makes you feel so much better. Thanks Pam!
And to end this post, a photo of the roses outside our back door. I wish you could smell them - the scent is heavenly - another little thing that makes me happy!
PS I have joined up to take the "Learn Something New Every Day" class on Shimelle's website. I did it last year and can now join in every year if I want to. I'm going to attempt to keep up and, hopefully, it'll result in me being more consciencious with my blog posts - time will tell ;o)