Monday, 16 November 2009

My little visitor

My niece contacted me yesterday afternoon to find out if there was any chance I could look after Alyssa for a while today. What a question!!! Yes please! :o)

Alyssa is such a sweet little girl, still very doll like and such a content baby. Theresa dropped her off just after 11am and I had her for the afternoon. Brought back lots of memories; how did my three end up so big already?? It feels like just the other day they were Alyssa's size.


Mum and Dad popped in to see their youngest great grandchild and have a little hold too.

Emily was delighted that Alyssa was still here when she got home from school and from then on I had to fight to get another hold ;o)
Emily loves having a baby she can hold who is content to lie there and be cuddled.
Theresa and Tyler arrived about 4 o'clock and then stayed for a little while until they were picked up by Will/Daddy. Thank you Theresa for trusting me with Alyssa and I can't wait for the next time :o)